Well as we end the near of summer I have finally started to get everything in order. I have put up profiles for almost all of our horses. I have also registered almost all of the walkers. The GG's have been slightly in active. I have also aquired a new foal from RHS. We are proud to welcome RHS My Fair Lady, a TWH filly.

Also, we have entered a few shows. And recently REC Classic Girl bagged a few awards. Check out her page for more info.
Well is has been slow here at BR. I have been working long hours at work and have a new puppy, so time for the computer is limited. I have rebuild BRS on the equestria island. I will name it something else though so it can be unique.... also I'm working on trying to get everyone's profile up and working, and registration papers sent in. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

- kyler
I decided to make a new layout for the site. Please let me know what you guys think! Also, i think I'm going to try to completely rebuild my stables into a large complex. And finally over the next few days I will be uploading the pages for my new Tennessee walking horses.
After much prep for the Swedish Mountain Western Pleasure show, the day finally arrived. Kyler chose to enter BR's Marcella Star, and spent many weeks conditioning her to her prime. She performed fantastic on show day! She listened to Ky's every subtle cue and she shown in the ring like the star Kyler knew she is. They happily came home with a fifth place ribbon.

        The sun was streaming in through the window in the office. Kyler casually scrolled threw the for sale adds on the local horse trader website. She quietly read out loud to herself, "Appaloosa foal for sale, loud color, big boned..." she trailed off as she scrolled down far enough to see the attached picture. A handsome face stared back at her through the screen. Ky soon found herself dreaming in the colts blue eyes, thinking back to Special Effects arriving a few days before, she soon had a sprouting idea like no other. A Walkaloosa. She pulled her cell phone out of her jeans pocket and quickly dialed the number. She anxiously listened to the ringing, "one, two.... Hello Gem?" 
        A week later, Kyler pulled up to Spotted Acres in a happy ball of excitement. As she put the truck in park and turned it off she looked around. She sighed quickly, soaking in the horsie surroundings. She climbed out of the truck just in time to meet Gem. "Ready for the big day? Gem asked with a smile. "More than ever," Kyler exclaimed , "where is my little man?" Gem smiled and motioned to a nearby paddock. Kyler grabbed a new orange halter and lead out of the truck and quickly followed. As soon as they got to the gate Kyler felt her breath escape her. He was gorgeous. Meteor was running around the medium paddock with another Appy foal. Kyler whistled to him and he quickly spun to meet her gaze. His movement was fast and fluid, good for western pleasure, possibly even roping. He stared at her inquisitively as she entered the paddock. He slowly took curious steps closer to his new life. He stopped just an arms length away from Ky and she stuck out her hand for him to sniff. He took in her scent and soon after started to playfully butt her hand. Kyler and Gem giggled. Ky slowly slipped his halter on and started leading him to the trailer. " Come on Meteor," she spoke softly as he bobbed along beside her. "Let's go home."
Well, there has been a change of plans..... Briar Ridge's old layout was.... unorganized, and inefficient. It needed a re-make. So The past few days, between work and school and the rest of my real life, I have been remaking Briar Ridge. It sports a new bigger barn, a second smaller barn, a new pasture, a outdoor wash rack, a round pen, and an add on to the garage for the trailer to be stored. I am also happy to announce that Briar Ridge has acquired it's first Tennessee Walking Horse. She will soon be posted for all to admire. The first foal crop will come after the renovations cease.

- Kyler
Well guys,
I've moved BRS to a new town. It now resides in the lovely Queenstown. So the past few days have been all about moving and such. I have acquired a new dog. She will soon have her page up. I have also imported a new foundation mare. Her page will also be finished soon. Overall the site is coming together. I just need to buckle down and be more active with the updates and such. Also we will hopefully have a  foal crop around the beginning or middle of February.  Also, If you would like to affiliate with BRS please just shoot me a email. I'm sure it won't be a problem. :)

_Happy New years everyone! I hope 2011 was a awesome year for everyone. Here at Briar Ridge it was filled with hardship, but overall it was a good year. 2012 has a bright look to it, it will hopefully be prosperous and plentiful. May everyone be safe and healthy! May we have healthy and gorgeous foals! May our stables grow and expand! Overall lets just make it the best it can be. Happy 2012 everyone.

- Kyler
_Hey Guys.... Getting the page up and running XD I'm so excited! This will be the home of Briar Ridge Stables.  So Check back often for updates :)

- Kyler
        Welcome to Briar Ridge,
    We house the Magnificent and versatile Georgian Grande and Tennessee Walking Horse. Feel free to look around and drop us a note.


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